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Jump n' Move is a Motor Skills training program designed to promote a child's physical development by strengthening their skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems, all of which are crucial for growth in children.

The Program

Session Structure


Preparing the children's bodies and minds to prevent injuries, improve flexibility, and increase blood flow.

10 min

Motor Skills

Fun exercises to develop coordination, balance, strength and cognitive and physical development.

20 min


Games that promote teamwork and socialization among children, as well as improve problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

20 min

Enhance conversational and listening abilities in English

Build self-confidence and teamwork skills

Improve physical coordination, balance, strength, and overall fitness

Engaging and Effective

Coaching Team

Our experienced and qualified coaches are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and have fun. We believe that children learn better and grow more when they are having fun.

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Don't wait! Give your child the opportunity to grow with our Jump n’ Move program. Register today and watch them soar!

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